True friendship: 7 attitudes that prove you’re a good friend

Nathan Rodrigues

Monday | February 13, 2017 | 3:18 PM | Last update: May 31, 2017, 12:30 PM (Brasilia time)

True friendship stands the tests of time and distance. If the feeling is mutual, you can be sure it’s going to last; and the best thing is that it will remain firm and strong!

It doesn’t matter if we have many or a few people by our side; if they're good friends, that's enough. They may not have the same blood type as ours, much less share our surname, but they will have for us―and we for them―the same affection and respect we have for our siblings (other friends we have in life!). They will be there for us whenever we need them, regardless of the situation.

Because true friendship proves itself

in times of joy . . .

. . . and of sadness

That’s right! A good friend knows how to . . .


And we’re not just talking about material things. A true friend is always present at those moments that mark our lives, however small and simple they may be.

Reprimand us when we need it

Yes, we hear every now and then our friends saying, “It’s not quite like that. . . .” A good friend is not going to think twice about telling us off for neglecting our health or making some mistakes, for example.

Forgive us when we mess up

Friends try to understand our mistakes―even when they’re dreadfuland forgive us, as long as we make an effort not to repeat them, right?

Support our decisions

If it’s our happiness that’s at stake, you can be sure: a true friend will support our choices. After all, our happiness will be their happiness as well.

Respect us just the way we are

You can think this and they can think that. You can root for one team and they may be a supporter of its biggest rival. Your favorite color may be blue and theirs green. This won’t matter at all if the friendship is true. \o/

Do you fit this profile? = D

Reprodução BV
Jesus, o Cristo Ecumênico


Since we’re talking about true friendship, it’s important to always remember that there’s a friend that we can always trust for all the occasions: JESUS, the Ecumenical Christ. He protects us and helps us at all times; all we have to do is to seek His help by way of prayer.

Long live true friendship! \o/