10 tips for increasing productivity at work

Thayna D. Reis dos Santos

Monday | February 20, 2017 | 3:38 PM | Last update: June 21, 2017, 1:36 PM (Brasilia time)

If you are staying extra hours in the workplace, or the work keeps on piling up, perhaps it’s time to rethink what you’re doing. Your professional performance may be hampered by things that distract your attention during the day. You must be careful not to fall into this trap, and the Good Will Portal presents some tips for you to increase your productivity at work. Pick up the ones that suit you and put them into practice, OK?

1. Start your day with a prayer


When you wake up, or even on your way to work, ask for inspiration from God, your Guardian Angel, Spirit of Light, Orisha, or whatever you believe in, so you can accomplish tasks and reach your goals. Or take a minute to meditate in order to gather strength for another working day. ;)

2. Keep your cell phone for break times at work


A survey conducted online by CareerBuilder showed that cell phones were mentioned by 55% of employers as being primarily responsible for the employees’ lack of productivity. Texting may seem harmless enough, but you may waste up to 30 minutes of your work time if you develop this habit. Excessive use of the cell phone may even get you fired.

3. Surf the Internet in moderation


In CareerBuilder's survey, the second reason for a lack of productivity is the Internet and social networks, which were mentioned by 41% of the employers. The time you spend updating your status on Facebook, tweeting, or browsing through countless news websites can be costly in terms of having the work done. Manage your time better! The suggestion is to make time―a short period of the day, of course!―just for that.

4. Organization in first place


Your workstation is directly related to your productivity, did you know that? A well-organized desk helps you not to lose focus and guarantees you have a good professional image.

5. No idle chatter


Everyone gets into a conversation or two during the day. Everyone needs a break, right? But don’t let conversations get in the way of your work performance. Socialization is important, but there’s a right time for that.

6. Create a work routine


Creating a routine makes your brain and organism adapt better within a period of time. Go away, procrastination!

7. Organize your priorities

Arte: Elias Paulo

Making a list of things to be done―taking into account, for example, the urgency of the tasks―is going to help you deliver everything that’s important by the end of the day.

8. Clockwatching


The times when you take a break are important, but they cannot become an escape from work. That’s why you need to be strict with them.

9. Do one thing at a time


Focus your energy on one task at a time. If you start several activities, you run the risk of not completing any of them.  

10. Prepare for the next day

Prepare at least one outline of what you’re going to do the following day. This agenda will help you remain more focused on your tasks.

Don’t forget that every great result is achieved through planning. One step at a time goes a long way! We wish you a very productive week. Oh, and remember what journalist, radio broadcaster, and writer Paiva Netto teaches us: “Reacting against discouragement generates vitality.” =)