Pilgrims stress the spiritual strength of the Temple of Good Will

Twenty six years offering everybody an ecumenical space

Gabriela Marinho

Monday | October 19, 2015 | 6:04 PM | Last update: October 20, 2016, 1:39 PM (Brasilia time)

The theme of the 26th anniversary celebrations of the Temple of Good Will (TGW) in 2015 is “The Power of Christ Within Us.” The theme has everything to do with the countless reports of pilgrims who find in the Monument the inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom they need to overcome their daily challenges.

Since its inauguration, the Temple of Peace has been offering the pilgrims who visit it ideal conditions to strengthen themselves spiritually, discover the Divine Power in themselves, and dedicate themselves to practicing the Good that was taught to us by Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, the Divine Statesman, Who “because of the model of resistance to moral and spiritual Pain, of which He was and is the paradigm, He rose as the example that we must all follow” 1, as the founder of the Temple of Peace, Paiva Netto, emphasizes.

Lucian Fagundes

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The testimonies of the pilgrims confirm the truth of this statement, because many of them, with their different traditions and beliefs, achieve this Divine Power in the Temple of Good Will, as we can read below:

Paulo Roberto Xavier, Brasília, Brazil: “I’m an acupuncturist and every time I have a moment or at the end of my day’s work, I pass by the Temple of Good Will, because it’s the time you find your silence. It’s the moment you find God and stop a little in the hustle and bustle of this life and notice it in another way. So this is how I get all the energy, peace, and tranquility I need to go back to my work or to my home feeling at peace with myself. What I think is most important in the power of prayer is the possibility you have of finding the God you have inside yourself and then your life will always be better.”

Maria José Compiling, Argentina: “What we feel here is something really good. I’m a Catholic, but I really feel that I’m a part of the Ecumenism of the Temple of Good Will. I feel I’m part of it. Considering my experience, I’d like it if everybody could come here, because they will really leave with their energy renewed and they’ll have a very positive year in their life.”

Fátima dos Santos, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was fighting breast cancer for eighteen months when she visited the TGW in 2014. With regard to her pilgrimage, she reported: “It was emotion the whole time, because I came with a purpose. . . . As we learn in the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, we have the energy that comes from Christ. With it we can remove mountains. So there’s no reason why we should be afraid of any problem, because Jesus always provides a solution; you just have to go and look for it with your Faith. . . . The Nave is the Portal of the Spirits of Light. When we walk on the Spiral, we feel the inexplicable energy that comes from the Sacred Crystal. So, when you get to the center you feel that it’s purifying your Soul.”

Gustavo Henrique Lima

Nina Yanchulova, Bulgaria: “I thought the Temple was beautiful, very inspiring. I feel very energized and this is very good. I had such a pleasant surprise to see that here we can find a new world, a new Love. . . . I’m very thankful to have come here with our guide; I’m grateful for the people who look after this temple. It’s a very, very good place.”

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The TGW is open 24 hours a day to the public. The entrance is free to most of its rooms. For foreign visitors, the Temple of Good Will has bilingual receptionists.

Address: SGAS 915 – Brasília — Brazil (approximately 8 km from Brasília’s International Airport – Estimated time: 10 minutes)
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Phone: (+5561) 3114-1070
Official website: www.tbv.com.br
E-mail: english@boavontade.com

1 Extract taken from the book Jesus, a Dor e an origem de Sua Autoridade – o Poder do Cristo em nós [Jesus, the Pain and Origin of His Authority – the Power of Christ in Within Us], illustrated edition, page 240.