Boa Vontade TV: SKY cable TV — channel 20

By the Editorial Staff

Thursday | October 10, 2013 | 4:53 PM | Last update: September 22, 2016, 4:08 PM (Brasilia time)

The LBV’s commitment to take Education with Ecumenical Spirituality to society in general, needed to count on a modern mean of communication, in other words, television. Therefore, it was a great advancement for the Organization when Paiva Netto created in the year 2000 the Boa Vontade TV (a cable TV channel). Although the Organization had intensely marked its presence on the radio and even on open TV, it still did not possess a 24-hour broadcasting TV channel. 

Boa Vontade TV offers for the entire family a program grid with the unique proposal of the Super Good Will Communication Network (composed of radio, TV, a record company, Internet, a publishing house and a printing company) which is the combination of social communication with the spreading of ideals inspired on the legacy of Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, with a varied content and an emphasis on information, culture and entertainment.

World Television Network (RMTV)

On September 21, 2003, the leader of the LBV inaugurated the World Television Network (RMTV), channel 11 VHF, an educative generator of the José de Paiva Netto Foundation (FJPN) that produces and broadcasts its programs to São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo, surrounding region and to the rest of the country. RMTV invests in Education at a Distance as one of the strategies to democratize and raise the standard of the quality of Brazil’s Education, contributing towards the complete formation of the Human Being and self-sustainable development.