QUESTION: Is there a perfect person for everybody?

By the Editorial Staff

Monday | February 10, 2014 | 10:30 AM | Last update: February 09, 2018, 5:51 PM (Brasilia time)

"Love comes from the Soul. Otherwise, it can die on the wedding night... But if it has the Spirit and heart of both lovers as its foundation, then the honeymoon will be repeated throughout their whole lives, despite the squabbles that always punctuate the life of a couple.” Paiva Netto.

In whichever part of the world, Human Beings always have many doubts when the subject is loving relationships. Questions like: “Is there a perfect person for everybody? Am I with the right person? How can I find that person?” can be heard from people of all different ages.

The Good Will Portal invites netizens to understand this subject from the perspective of Ecumenical Spirituality*, which considers the whole Human Being, endowed with both body and spirit, because relationships constitute stronger ties than we can see. They are relationships that are determined before we are born.

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So, what is needed for a happy and long-lasting relationship? Click on the image below to read the article: 

*Ecumenical Spirituality — This banner of the Legion of Good Will is present in all its social and educational actions, because it is understood as “the cradle of the most generous values that are born of the Soul; the dwelling of the emotions and of the reasoning enlightened by intuition; the atmosphere that embraces everything that transcends the ordinary field of matter and comes from the elevated human sensitivity, such as Truth, Mercy, Morals, Ethics, Honesty, Generosity, and Brotherly Love.” Extract taken from the book É Urgente Reeducar! [It is Urgent to Re-educate!], which is the fundament of the LBV’s educational proposal, written by educator Paiva Netto, a best-selling author.