Drinking and driving: a dangerous combination in traffic

Monday | November 28, 2016 | 3:38 PM | Last update: November 28, 2016, 3:46 PM (Brasilia time)

Drinking alcohol and driving can never work well together. According to the Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012, 15% of the traffic related deaths worldwide were attributable to alcohol.


Even small amounts of alcohol will affect a person’s driving ability: hazards, like slower reaction time and having no notion of the speed of their own car and of other vehicles can be the causes of fatal accidents.


Drinking alcohol also causes long-term damage. "If you drink alcohol at levels of five doses or more almost every day for a month, you will only restore the normal ability of your brain months or perhaps years later," explains Dr. Edith Sullivan, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.

The adolescent stage, when many people are first introduced to alcohol, requires greater attention. The consumption of alcohol in this phase in life may stop the growth of normal brain cells, especially in the frontal lobe, which are critical for logical thinking and reasoning. In short, it damages cognitive skills. "While teenagers may physically look similar to adults, their brains are still developing," says American researcher Lindsay Squeglia.


But over and above the immediate results, everything we do generate effects. Alcoholic drinks cause losses to the body and consequently to the Spirit. They are also addictive, which helps attract spiritual company that still does not know the Laws of God.


The Good Will Portal recommends that all drivers always be careful, respect traffic laws, and stop drinking. Say an Ecumenical Prayer before taking any trip. Ask for the protection of your Guardian Angel to help you have a safe and peaceful journey.

Driver: Always have in mind the pioneering and permanent campaign of the Legion of Good Will (LBV) in favor of life: "Do not rush. Say a prayer," created by the President of the LBV, José de Paiva Netto.

Read below the Driver’s Prayer, an old prayer created by the LBV, extracted from the Good Will magazine, issue number 26, August 1958. It can also be found in the book Ao Coração de Deus – Coletânea Ecumênica de Orações, [To God’s Heart – An Ecumenical Collection of Prayers], published by Paiva Netto, Editora Elevação [Elevação Publishing House].

The driver’s Prayer


I want you to be

the Light of my eyes,

so that I may always see the right way!
The Guide of my arms,

so that I may always drive myself  to that which is good!
The Strength of my life,

so that I may face courageously my daily struggle for bread!
My constant Friend,

so that I may serve all with Good Will!
The Love of my heart,

so that I may love all as I love myself!


On December 10, 1993, in Vale do Anhangabaú, São Paulo, Brazil, as the press reported, 150,000 people—including students, artists, sportspeople, media and religious people, community leaders, members of several organizations, and the general public—gathered to raise a shout of Love for Life: Living is Better!

Giving the event an international character, the UN media director at that time, Mr. Frank Merrit, came to Brazil to express the United Nations’ recognition for the LBV. He also gave Paiva Netto a special award from the UN for his services to Humanity.

Speaking to the crowd, the UN representative said, "I’d like to emphasize the exceptional work that the great Legion of Good Will has been doing for so many years. I want to thank all of you, people of Brazil, whom I have learned to love through your music, your culture, and in particular your joy of living, even in adverse situations. I’m very honored to be here with you. Peace on Earth to men and women of Good Will!"