20 years of programing exemplifying Good practices

By the Editorial Staff

Thursday | October 10, 2013 | 6:01 PM | Last update: September 22, 2016, 4:07 PM (Brasilia time)

On September 1, 1992 the 24-hour programing of the Super Good Will Radio Network (Super RBV, in Portuguese) began in Brazil. The broadcasting station, which has the characteristic of taking spiritual comfort to people’s homes, traditionally transmits an ecumenical prayer by the hour, right after a prayer chain that mobilizes listeners to pray for those in need. The moment considered to be a champion in terms of audience is the study of the Gospel-Apocalypse of Jesus led by radio broadcaster and writer Paiva Netto, an author who has sold 4.7 million books on the subject, presented in the fraternal perspective of the Religion of God, the Ecumenical Religion of Brazil and the world.

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62 years ago: the start
In the very beginning of the Legion of Good Will (LBV) the radio program Hora da Boa Vontade [Hour of Good Will] was created, on March 4, 1949. It was transmitted by Globo Radio, an important vehicle in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and presented by the late founder of the LBV, radio broadcaster, journalist, and poet, Alziro Zarur (1914-1979). This program innovated radio broadcasting and at the same time consolidated one of the tasks that the founder of this means of communication in Brazil, Roquete Pinto (1884-1954), had in mind: its social function.

The Hour of Good Will surprised radio broadcasters at the time and soon had a major national repercussion. One of the great curiosities highlighted by the program’s thousands of listeners was the fact of hearing Christmas music at different times of the year. The purpose of this was to expand the spirit of solidarity and altruism associated with Jesus’s Christmas, thus, making it Permanent. As Zarur used to exclaim during his radio broadcasts: “people’s hunger is daily”, and he called on everybody to embrace the cause with the call: "Hail to the Legion of Good Will’s Permanent Christmas!."

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Beginning in the 1950s with the printed media, the LBV has over the years also invested in other disclosure vehicles for its social communication initiatives. Paiva Netto, the successor of Alziro Zarur, has continued expanding into television and the virtual media, propagating the LBV’s socio-educational activities and the ecumenical doctrine of the Religion of Brotherly Love.

Content that makes people feel Good
The programing of the Super Good Will Radio Network has as guideline Ecumenical Spirituality*. Current topics relating to culture, sports, health, science, education, religion, and others are present throughout its program schedule. In addition to providing information, it contributes to offering individuals paths that are more solidarity-based and more humane for living in society. The Super Good Will Radio Network devotes special moments to children and young people, with specific programs directed to this group of audience.

Super Good Will Network in the world

The Communication 100% Jesus has spread its message and is now reaching homes in many countries. Many of these new listeners tune in for the first time to the signal of the Super Good Will Radio Network through the portal www.boavontade.com and are soon sending in messages, through letters or e-mail, to report on the quality of the reception and how good they feel in becoming listeners. In Europe, Timo Reiniluoto and Mika Makelainen, from Helsinki, Finland’s capital, are among those who wrote in just to say what they felt when they tuned in to the Communication of Goodwill. Likewise, Jussi Suokas, who lives with his family in Joensuu, capital of a province in the East of Finland, and Tore B Vik, from the city of Mysen, in Norway, are some examples of this positive repercussion.

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* Ecumenical Spirituality — This ideal of the Legion of Good Will is present in all its socio-educational actions, since it is understood as “the cradle of the most generous values that come from the Soul, the home of emotions and of reason illuminated by intuition, the environment that encompasses everything that transcends the common field of matter and is derived from the sublimated human feeling, such as Truth, Mercy, Morality, Ethics, Honesty and Brotherly Love.” A passage taken from the book É Urgente Reeducar! [It is Urgent to Re-educate!], which is the fundament of the LBV’s educational proposal, written by educator Paiva Netto, the author of various best-sellers who has sold more than 4.7 million books in Brazil and abroad.